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I hope everyone is well? I’m having a great weekend already, spent an entire day at Alton Towers Theme Park Resort! It was great!

Just a quick pit stop again (sorry! I promise to write a more in depth post later) I’m currently writing but I just wanted to post about my giveaway!!


From this date 25/08/12 to 15/09/12 you have the chance to win 2 Alice in Zombieland bookmarks. To enter all you have to do is comment and leave your email address 🙂 simples! You need the bookmark before the book comes out on the 25th September! 🙂 Trust me, you are going to want to read this book. I am and it’s amazing!

So, comment now 🙂

Have a lovely weekend to my followers and I hope my UK followers are having a great bank holiday weekend!


Random Ramblings…

Hey followers, bloggers, general people having snoop (welcome by the way 🙂 )

I’ve been busy editing the second book, scribbling new ideas for two stand alone books, writing two series, and designing book covers! I’ve also sat on my backside and watched episodes of Dawson’s Creek reliving the teen years 🙂 It’s been great, I do love the summer holidays! Although I can assure you I only mention summer because that is what this time of the year is called, the weather is crap. Rain and wind is not summer weather.

Due to this, I haven’t got a single thing to write about…unless I revealed a book cover…. or perhaps parts of a story……. ooooo I don’t know. As my manuscript is still with several agents and a publishing house I don’t think I should do anything yet. But I’m prepared… you just wait and see 🙂

So, if anyone wants to write a post instead of me… you are welcome too 🙂 here is your space…

Oooppppsssss, sorry. My novel notes and keyboard took up the space. Maybe next time, eh 🙂

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekends!!

Much love!

Off with their heads!

I’m just bursting with excitement over Gena’s new book! If you haven’t read her previous books, now is the time because they are amazing! Here is a link to Gena’s site where you can look at previous books

Her new book Alice in Zombieland is out on September 25th!

She won’t rest until she’s sent every walking corpse back to its grave. Forever.

Had anyone told Alice Bell that her entire life would change course between one heartbeat and the next, she would have laughed. From blissful to tragic, innocent to ruined? Please. But that’s all it took. One heartbeat. A blink, a breath, a second, and everything she knew and loved was gone.

Her father was right. The monsters are real.

To avenge her family, Ali must learn to fight the undead. To survive, she must learn to trust the baddest of the bad boys, Cole Holland. But Cole has secrets of his own, and if Ali isn’t careful, those secrets might just prove to be more dangerous than the zombies

If you have not pre-order this book – DO IT NOW!! 🙂 I can guarantee this will be a belter!

Taste of Slovenia – Part 2

The countdown continues 🙂 Here are my top five things to do in Slovenia!

5. Ljubljana

Ljubljana is Slovenia’s capital, it is smaller than most capitals but that is the the fantastic part, it makes everything easier to reach, you can walk, cycle or ride on a free cart (the driver likes a tip). We walked through the old part of the city towards the cable car which took us up to the castle on the top of a steep cliff. The castle was lovely, apparently the Queen has been there! We sat down and had a lovely fresh orange juice taking in the atmosphere. We then walked through the market stalls, and walked towards the Union Jack park (official name is Star park), from above it looks like the Union Jack flag. Watch out for the Dragon Bridge, their tails move! (apparently) There is so much to do in this lovely capital you could spend days finding new and fascinating things.

4. Funbob.

This ride starts at the top of Straža which can be walked up or  you take the cable car. The picture below shows how high it was!

My husband would kill me if I put this higher than 5th place because he loved it, but I’m afraid I couldn’t do it. The fear of heights and speed got the better of me. Once at the top you are strapped into a toboggan with a brake handle and you are pushed down the track.  I must admit whilst I stood watching him fly down the hill I could also see kids younger than 10 years old enjoying themselves whilst they flew down the hill. Yes, I’m a whimp 🙂

Here is a link to my husband’s video that he took whilst going down the hill, apparently that thing went 16mph-

3. Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Mary

Visit the church on Bled’s island built during the 15th Century. It is a short 10-15 minute Pletna boat ride, depending on where you get on, we  boarded a boat on one of the shortest routes, this ride costs €12 for the round trip.

This is lovely ride especially on a gorgeous hot day. Our ride was rather eventful. We were minding our own business soaking up the rays when the boat nearly topples over! A man decided he preferred the other side, a better photo opportunity perhaps?? The boat relies on the balance from several bodies, thus by moving he disturbed the balance. It made the trip across interesting if not somewhat scary.

The 15th century church is very popular for weddings, I can understand why it’s beautiful, however there is a condition a groom must stick to if they marry on this island. I personally love this condition and it should be applied everywhere 🙂 The groom must carry the bride up the 99 steps to the church. A picture of the steps below.

 If the groom makes a single noise whilst doing this, a groan, a murmur, and it results in the bride taking the ‘boss’ role throughout the marriage 🙂

2. Bled Castle

The castle is a medieval in style and is perched on a steep cliff. You can access the castle via many routes, we decided to walk up, it was miles, I’m sure it was (it probably wasn’t). The walk up is completely worth it, despite the aches. The view is stunning and whilst up there you can enjoy a walk around the museum, wine cellar and defensive walls. There is also a café up there so you can enjoy a refreshing drink whilst taking in the views. It is a definite must do!


1. Lake Bled

The lake itself, you can beat it!

You can walk, run, cycle or take the little train around the lake. On foot it takes around an hour and half at a leisurely pace. Whilst there I would suggest walking to enable you to see more of the lake and surrounding scenery. It it well worth it. I personally walked around the lake twice and also cycled around it twice 🙂 Below is proof that I actually cycled (or maybe I decided to stand next to a random bike and put a silly helmet on my head….)

There are many areas to stop whilst you walk around the lake, as cafés and restaurants provide great views. There are benches all around so you can also take regular breaks.

So, that is my countdown, these should definitely go on your list, if you ever go 🙂 I do hope this persuades you to visit Lake Bled or Slovenia in the future, you will not regret it 🙂

Have a lovely day!

Taste of Slovenia – Part 1

Hello followers!

So I’ve just spent the past week relaxing in Lake Bled, Slovenia. It is such a beautiful country, I can’t believe we have never thought to go there before now. When I mentioned I was going to Slovenia people often commented that they had never been or have never considered it, so I’m going into tour guide mode and I’m going to produce a top ten list of things to do.

Starting with 10 through to 6 🙂

10. Most na Soči

Most na Soči is located on a rocky crest above the confluence of Soča and Idrijca rivers. We were taken on a tour of this lovely lake on a “Mississippi river boat” called Lucija. The boat was handmade by the captain and whilst we were on his boat he told us age old stories regarding the creation of the lake, listen out for the story about the dragon, there is a reason why the lake looks emerald green in colour!

9. Vintgar Gorge

We decided to hire bikes and ride here, it was only around 45 minutes from the centre of Bled. The bike hire was cheap costing €16 from 10am to 4pm. The views on the way to the gorge were lovely going through Podham, we were going through the farming part of Slovenia with great crafted timber buildings.

Vintgar Gorge was €4 for entry, this cost was put towards the upkeep of the one of the most natural areas of Slovenia, it was worth the money. You will never see water look so crystal clear, believe me! It was a lovely half day, we also had lunch here, my husband would highly recommend the spaghetti!

8. Osojnica viewpoint

Whilst walking around the lake you can see many hills, some of these hills you can walk up so my husband decided we should! Firstly I will suggest that this viewpoint should be completed wearing appropriate footwear, I wore flip flops, not good when you suddenly find yourself in a Bear Grylls moment hundreds of metres high, slippy, uneven ground underfoot and only a metal rope thing to cling onto. However once you have eaten your own heart and whimpered as you shakily took each tiny step to the top, the views are fantastic. I suppose the whole experience will be something I look back on and smile 🙂 The start of this hike is in the south west area of the lake and sign posted number 6.

7. Wine Tasting!

We journeyed to Goriška Brda vineyards in Dobrovo which is close to the border of Italy. Whilst there, we were walked through the underground production cellar and the guide spoke about how they made the different wines, once he had finished educating us the fun part began, the tasting. We were given 5 tasters, the portions were a nice size 🙂 After the coach became a little merrier we were taken for lunch on a cliff, there was a viewing tower, again I whimpered all the way to the top and practically ran back down. It did give amazing views. Well worth a visit!

6. The Julian Alps and the beautiful Triglav National Park.

This was a colder day (I still wore shorts!) but it was bound to be because of the height. The road which takes you up to the highest point accessible by coach was constructed by Russian prisoners of war during the First World War. Many Russians and also Austrians lost their lives constructing this road, so our first stop took us to the wooden Russian chapel. It a lovely remembrance of those that perished there.

The 24 hairpin bends that took you to the top made sure your view was breathtaking. You then had to endure 26 more hairpin bends to get to the bottom. It was a lovely day and there are plenty of things to see whilst you are travelling!

Part 2 coming soon 🙂

I’m a book monster!

There aren’t enough hours in the day to read as many as I need to survive. Seriously! But as my post mentioned yesterday I’m reading Lee Child’s second Jack Reacher book. Then I have the third already raring to go. I should be editing or writing or doing whatever authors are meant to be doing , but I love reading.  Thanks to my book buddy I recently read John Green’s The Fault in our Stars. That book was just so… there are no words to describe how this book makes you feel. Read it and then try and put it into words. Go on, I dare ya 🙂

So, because I’m quite good at wasting time and doing things I’m not meant to, I have done a little review of this book. Basically I’m telling you all to read it 🙂 if you haven’t already….

Okay, first things first, please do not shy away from this book because it deals with cancer. I know many of you don’t want to read books surrounding this subject for many reasons, but this book goes so far beyond the whole cancer issue that for large parts of the novel you forget.

The Fault in our Stars is a very moving, touching book that follows Hazel, a 16 year old girl who has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Lumps on her lungs mean that she carries an oxygen tank everywhere with her. Because of this, Hazel becomes a recluse and becomes (according to a silly doctor) clinically depressed that her mother suggests that Hazel join a cancer support group.

When you think support group, you don’t necessarily think there will be elements of fun in there. Surprisingly, it is funny. At this group Hazel meets the wonderfully funny, loveable, one-legged Augustus Waters. The chemistry between the two is so endearing you can’t help cheering them on. Hazel shares her favourite novel with Gus and the plot develops from and around their love of this one novel. I can completely and honestly say I love the fiction within fiction element, if you read Green’s book and you don’t want to read An Imperial Affliction after you are done, you need to seek help!

I won’t give much else away regarding plot because you will read it. Enjoy! 🙂

Green finds a balance within his book so the reader is never put in a position where you feel sorry for the characters, you want to know why? Because the characters themselves don’t complain. Hazel and Gus choose to accept what they have been given and live with it. It is so unbelievably life affirming that you can’t help but smile and want to live your life. It doesn’t make you think of an end, it makes you think of living. You will particularly like Isaac, a member of the cancer support group, he is so very funny. Yes, I’m not ashamed to admit it, I laughed at a person who has cancer. But I don’t feel guilty because the characters don’t allow you too. It would be a tragedy if you didn’t laugh whilst reading this book. At least once.

As I turned each page and found I was coming to the end, I dreaded it. I knew what was going to happen. Please don’t hold back on reading this book because you dread the end. The way Green ends his book is so beautifully done. Yes, I cried but I wanted to go right back to the beginning and read it again. How often can you say that about a cancer themed book?

Yorkshire Day!

I’m taking a break away from editing – who am I kidding, my entire day is one big break 🙂

So I thought I would write something on here, plus it’s Yorkshire Day today (1st August) and being a Yorkshire lass I thought I would have a moan, or a whinge, or just generally talk about random things….

Whilst taking this one big break I finished reading Killing Floor, a masterpiece written by Lee Child. I’ve now made a start on the second book. Yes, I may be hundreds of years late in reading this and I know everyone else in the world has already read them. I know the film to One Shot is coming out so this lead me to my next point nicely.

One Shot is now a film, this is due out in December. It is the introduction of said film that finally made me pick up the series. Why, you ask? Well, people generally moaning, or complaining about poor little Tom Cruise.

The book is great, I’m sure everyone agrees. It is a bestseller after all. If you don’t know what the book is about (I would usually write a little something about it but I already feel guilty for my break) I suggest you buy it and read it. It does an amazing job in gripping you from the first line. Read the first line, it is a corker!

When I bought the book I had a lengthy conversation with the server about the greatness of it. He sold it well, even though I had already paid for it. Give him a pat on the back for a job well done. However, I told him my reasoning behind the purchase.

The complaints.

I’ve heard so many complaints about Tom Cruise playing Jack Reacher. Apparently (or maybe not) Cruise is too short for the part. There you have it, the very reason why I bought the first book. I didn’t even read the blurb. I just wanted to read the book and understand why Tom Cruise didn’t fit the part. Is it only because of his height? It’s a little harsh. On the first page Child gives you Jack Reacher’s CV. It states Jack’s height as being 6 foot 5 inches. Tom Cruise is 5 foot 7 inches. I have to thank people for the grumblings about Tom Cruises height, without your complaints I would never have started such a fab series which I’m enjoying. This Reacher guy seems nice in a calm, I could kill you kind of way 🙂

This leads me on to the whole point of this blog – yes, I do have a point (I think). This whole book film partnership is big business, for example you have Harry Potter, Twilight, The Hunger Games, the soon to be Fifty Shade films. These make serious money and the books fly off the shelves. It is every authors dream. Thinking about this I wondered who will play the part of my characters from my books. A girl can dream, right? Then I asked myself, would I like it if people complained about the lead actor/actress because they didn’t look the part? I don’t recall people complaining when Daniel Radcliffe was first cast as Harry Potter? Or maybe I didn’t care as the books were finally becoming films and I was just too excited to think about it. If people, like I have with Lee Child, pick up my book because of the complaints about the actor chose for the part, I would be one happy woman.

What I’ve just realised is that this entire blog has no point. Or maybe my whole blog is telling you to read Child’s books, they are great and ignore the complaints about Cruise playing the part, in all fairness the trailer looks great, and Cruise looks the part (despite his height problem). I just need to get to One Shot now.

So, I think I’ve been away from the writing for long enough. I hope you enjoyed my pointless rambling……

Happy Yorkshire Day 🙂