Alice in Zombieland Review

First things first, this book has nothing to do with the original story… there is an appearance of a white rabbit which is significant in the book but this is nothing like Alice in Wonderland. This book is infinitely better!!

Alice Bell is not your typical teenager, she doesn’t stay out late, has never been on a date, she is always in before dark. Nope, she isn’t every parents perfect daughter. She wants the life of every teenager but her father can see zombies, he knows how dangerous they are and refuses to allow his family to leave the house after dark. As a reader you are madfe aware from the first word that Ali makes a decision she will regret for the rest of her life- she wants to see her sister’s recital, despite the strict family rules she convinces her family to leave the house. This is the night where her life completely changes.

Ali goes to live with her grandparents which means a new school but her life, I can assure you, becomes a whole lot better when she meets the lush Cole Holland (swoon!) He is the leader of a gang within school, a gang most people stay away from. You get the whole bad boy image, he is a gorgeous mix of temptation, cheek and protection! I thoroughly enjoyed Ali and Cole’s interactions. They have such great chemistry 🙂

I know many people will think, oh my god, zombies! Or perhaps, oh my god another supernatural book. But for me this book doesn’t use
zombies stereotypically. Gena takes zombies and makes them something completely different. They aren’t just walking, flesh peeling stinky corpses. Take the fast pace mix it up with great intense romance scenes and bite your fingernails fighting sequences and you have the perfect fictional cocktail.

This book is 5 stars for me! I can’t wait for the sequel!