Hi everyone,

Just a quick update on what is happening at the moment.

I’m in the process of a final proof of First Soul – Soul Keeper trilogy-  this book will be released in May 🙂 I’m very excited!

Here’s a taster of First Soul (bear in mind this may change with edits etc…)

What do you think you’re doing?!”

The three of them jumped at the sound of an angry voice behind them. They’d been caught by the police. Years of hiding and now, on this night with a map in hand, they’d been caught.

Chuffing great.

They turned slowly. Deyna shrieked and grabbed Phillip. Stephen looked at her. Her eyes were rolling into the back of her head, at least Phillip was there to hold her. Phillip appeared to be handling it better, although the colour had drained from his face a little.

It wasn’t Karl, the local bobby.

A middle aged man looked at them sternly. His translucent frame floated in front of them. Stephen held his breath as the ghost stalked towards them. An actual ghost, he’d never believed in all things spiritual and found himself searching for the special effects allowing him to see such a thing. It didn’t have feet, the bottom of what looked like trousers seemed to sink into the wet grass. He shook his head and closed his eyes believing this to be a dream, or some sort of practical joke.

Opening his eyes, he found that it wasn’t a dream. A ghost was stood in front of them, its face was contorted with anger as it stalked closer towards them. Speaking of its face, the features weren’t right when comparing it to a normal human being. Stephen could see the mouth of the ghost, it was set in an angry snarl. The ghost’s hair was the colour of good strong coffee which was cut in the short, back and sides style that was required for the army. He could see a nose but it was partly blurred due to the fact that he could see straight through it.

He’d always believed ghosts, judging from their portrayal in films, to be some sort of shimmery white form, but this ghost looked rather like the man he’d probably been when he was alive, apart from one thing and it set his teeth on edge with fear, the eyes. They were bottomless black pits, the eyeballs weren’t there.

But somehow, even with them missing, Stephen sensed them glaring at him.

I hope you like what you read, it’s not much but it gives you an idea of their first encounter with the ghost! 🙂 I really love the plot of this first book and cannot wait to start writing the rest 🙂

I’m also making headway with the second book in the Pendle Hill trilogy which is coming together nicely, a passage will appear on here once I’ve done a few more edits 🙂  I’ve also started designing the book cover  for this which is looking great! Book title reveal will be happening in the next few months.

I can’t believe we are nearly in April! Time is definitely flying, I guess because I’m busy. I’ve already done a school visit this year, done a spot on the local hospital radio for their book week and I’m organising more school visits. Hopefully this will be my year 🙂

Just another quick mention, I’m still doing the 500 likes on Facebook so please like and share for your chance to win some goodies 🙂

I hope that everyone has a lovely easter and I will speak soon.

For any news on what I’m doing visit my website –




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