Tell me Tuesday…. Week Four!

Hey everyone,

Some of you may or may not know that I love America and Canada. I’ve visited many places, New York, Washington,  Memphis, Atlanta, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottowa, Montreal… I just love America and Canada, so it is hardly surprising that I actually prefer American sports to my own. Basketball is netball in some ways but I prefer basketball, it’s much more exciting and speedy. I’m not a lover of American football, but I don’t like rugby.  I don’t do football or soccer either, but one sport I really like is ice hockey! 🙂 What a fab sport!!

So I make it my mission, whenever I’m in America or Canada, to collect ice hockey jerseys 🙂 I’ve got Vancouver Canucks and Washington Capitals, I should have got Toronto Maple Leafs and I regret not buying that one now. So far but I actually have a lot more on my list to buy, New York Rangers because they rock!, Ducks (love that jersey!), Pittsburg Penguins!  I need many more but money is an issue, those bad boys cost a pretty penny but I love them! Next time I’m in America I’m going to a game, I always forget to buy tickets before I leave home.

Anyways, hope that is another thing you have learnt about me tonight 🙂

Until next time!


Tell me Tuesday…. Week Two & Three!

Hey everyone,

So, I didn’t have the time to post last Tuesday’s post and I didn’t think it would be right to post it on another day otherwise it wouldn’t be tell me Tuesday… so here’s week two and three   🙂

Week Two

One thing you may or may not know about me is that I’m a massive Elvis Presley fan. I was brought up on him and his music. I love his films (no matter how cheesy they are!) So as a graduation gift my parent’s-in-law took me to Memphis so I could visit Graceland! Here’s a pic of me in front of Elvis’s house and them me and my husband at the famous gates to his house.



We visited every Elvis related place during that holiday, it is one I will remember until my dying day.

Week Three

I write a lot of my time but when I’m not wiritng or reading, I’m watching films. I love watching films and escaping for a few hours like you do with books 🙂 I have quite a few favourties but for this week I’m going to concentrate on my favourite film scene and it comes from Love Actually. It is the scene with the cue cards and the pretend carol singers. Every time I watch it it gives me goose pimples, I love it but I’m a big romantic at heart 🙂 Here’s a link for everyone to enjoy 🙂

Right, best head back to the writing 🙂 Will be back same time next week with another thing about me 🙂


Exclusive First Soul teaser

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Tell me Tuesday…. Week One

Hey everyone,

So I decided that people, my followers, readers etc… 🙂 might want to know a little bit about me so in the run up to my new book release of First Soul in 7 weeks time, I’m going to tell you something about myself every Tuesday 🙂 Feel free to comment and interact 🙂

Week One  – Bags!

I’m a woman! That should be the first clue 🙂

I love bags but I’m not a designer bag girl, I don’t really see the expensive bags and gush, I would rather look at the unusual bags and buy those. I love individuality of something really strange, my bags reflect my personality because I am a little strange 🙂 Here’s just some of three of them I use the most often 🙂

The first pic is my Dandy bag, the postcard version. I simply love it, plus it fits everything I need in there, including the books I carry around with me 🙂

Dandy bag

The next Dandy buy is the the purse to match it 🙂 I should start saving the pennies 🙂


The next bag is my Gorjuss girls bag. I love these so much! 🙂 I also find that these bags are overlly expensive and they are really different. Plus you can get different gorjuss girl designs, I just love this fox one 🙂

Gorjuss girl

Last but not least, this bag – it just simply rocks!! There are no other words to describe it 🙂

Guitar bag

Do you love bags, if so, what is your favourite, crazy bag? 🙂