Tell me Tuesday…. Week One

Hey everyone,

So I decided that people, my followers, readers etc… 🙂 might want to know a little bit about me so in the run up to my new book release of First Soul in 7 weeks time, I’m going to tell you something about myself every Tuesday 🙂 Feel free to comment and interact 🙂

Week One  – Bags!

I’m a woman! That should be the first clue 🙂

I love bags but I’m not a designer bag girl, I don’t really see the expensive bags and gush, I would rather look at the unusual bags and buy those. I love individuality of something really strange, my bags reflect my personality because I am a little strange 🙂 Here’s just some of three of them I use the most often 🙂

The first pic is my Dandy bag, the postcard version. I simply love it, plus it fits everything I need in there, including the books I carry around with me 🙂

Dandy bag

The next Dandy buy is the the purse to match it 🙂 I should start saving the pennies 🙂


The next bag is my Gorjuss girls bag. I love these so much! 🙂 I also find that these bags are overlly expensive and they are really different. Plus you can get different gorjuss girl designs, I just love this fox one 🙂

Gorjuss girl

Last but not least, this bag – it just simply rocks!! There are no other words to describe it 🙂

Guitar bag

Do you love bags, if so, what is your favourite, crazy bag? 🙂


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