Tell me Tuesday…. Week Four!

Hey everyone,

Some of you may or may not know that I love America and Canada. I’ve visited many places, New York, Washington,  Memphis, Atlanta, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottowa, Montreal… I just love America and Canada, so it is hardly surprising that I actually prefer American sports to my own. Basketball is netball in some ways but I prefer basketball, it’s much more exciting and speedy. I’m not a lover of American football, but I don’t like rugby.  I don’t do football or soccer either, but one sport I really like is ice hockey! 🙂 What a fab sport!!

So I make it my mission, whenever I’m in America or Canada, to collect ice hockey jerseys 🙂 I’ve got Vancouver Canucks and Washington Capitals, I should have got Toronto Maple Leafs and I regret not buying that one now. So far but I actually have a lot more on my list to buy, New York Rangers because they rock!, Ducks (love that jersey!), Pittsburg Penguins!  I need many more but money is an issue, those bad boys cost a pretty penny but I love them! Next time I’m in America I’m going to a game, I always forget to buy tickets before I leave home.

Anyways, hope that is another thing you have learnt about me tonight 🙂

Until next time!


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